We beschikken over een royale accommodatie voor groepen tot 65 personen. (Bent u met maximaal 10 personen? Dan is de Herenboerderij een goede keus! Zie kader links).

De groepsaccommodatie heeft 4 ruime slaapzalen, 3 kleine slaapkamers en een grote gezellige gemeenschappelijke ruimte. ( De slaapzalen/keuken zijn apart van de recreatiezaal.) Een sportveld en een ruim erf of binnenplaats,  grenzend aan het bos. En veel dieren op onze boerderij, waar nog elke dag de koeien worden gemolken en de eieren uitgehaald....


Prices are availabel on the dutch page.

Would you like to known what you can do in the region during your stay? Look around on www.recreatiekrant.nl

Our group accommodation is an excellent accommodation for youth groups, schools, families and associations.All is based on self-sufficiency.We have a minimum of thirty people.

You stay on "De Deel" of the farm, which we have tried to keep in its original condition.A spacious room, lays centrally and has a heated floor, a large sitting area, TV and wireless internet, a bar with a kitchen.

Large Kitchen

The kitchen is separated from the recreation room, equipped with refrigerators, freezer, microwave, a six burner stove with oven, coffee machine, kettle, enough china and glassware, but also plastic tableware is available.The kitchen floor is centrally heated, so even in a colder period its pleasant.

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The dormitories are separated, four large rooms where ten to twelve people can stay the night. Two or these dormitories are adjacent to the toilets and showers.There are also three smaller rooms which can host up to three or four persons.
You sleep on raised wooden platforms with mattresses next to each other.You only need to bring your sleeping bag or duvet, pillow and bed sheet with it.

de deel
Good sanitary facilities with 4 large showers that work on 50 euro cent coins, two urinals, 7 toilets and large basins. Again heating available.


The sport fields are great for sports and games, there are football goals and a volleyball net, a basketball and a large concrete table tennis.The forest is adjacent to our yard, so you have many possibilities for a walk or a night walk or treasure hunt!
You should definitely visit the shifting sands of
“hoge zandbergen”, in the neighbourhood of our farm.It is also a nice spot for picnics and games in the woods.



In nature there is much to do, the area is covered with woods, with many exciting paths is will fit for everyone. You could also bring a visit at the Hoge Veluwe with its many cycling and walking paths, Museonder, the Kröller M?ller Museum and Sculpture Garden and the St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge.



Groups that stay on De Houtkamp could have direct contact of the farmlife. Our farm is still fully operational. Enjoy the countrylife with the rural feel, the frolicking little goats and lambs in the spring, the young calves, chickens, the friendliness and variety of all seasons and time!


Would you like to come and watch? You are welcome, but not on sunday, this is the day we rest.

Prices are available on the dutch page.

We would like to see you on De Houtkamp, You are welcome!