Background information about "De Houtkamp"

Peter en EvelienDe Houtkamp is much more than a group accomodation, Bed & Breakfast or a place where you could rent bikes. We will gladly tell you about the history of De Houtkamp, our farm and what we have to offer you recreationally.

De Houtkamp is a very diversified farm with over 40 cows and associated young stock, more than 300 free-range chickens, whose eggs are intended for home sales. We also have a recreational branch consisting of the bike rental, group accommodation and Bed and Breakfast.

Over the years the farm has really grown as to what it is now. It's a big house where we live with two families, my parents and ourselfs with our two children, Herman and Rinske .. The oldest two are now married and left the farm.

In the 30s the grandparents of my husband started living here. The farm was leased from the family Voute. Financially it was a very hard time. There should be additional revenue from the farm to financially keep things running. The extra income was found in the keeping of full pension. This pension has always been here throughout the years, our parents had also continued this. Meanwhile they had taken over the farm, and they needed to have a successor. My husband was ready to be the successor for the family.

In 1975, a barn was built for the cows. And when the cows moved to this new barn, De Deel was then the part that became empty.

We had a shed for the pigs, but by the stricter regulations a lot have to be invested into renovating this and getting things on track. It was not positive to continue this anymore, also because the numbers were too small. Soo we decided to stop. The stables were converted into dormitories for the group accommodation. Until now this has grown to hold up to 64 people. The two dormitories that we already had in the recreation hall were joined with the recreation hall, making it bigger, wider and lighter. Quite an operation, but it has the effect that we run with satisfactory and with good occupation.

FietsenThe bike rental was a leap of faith, this was started in 1994. But after a few years we can really say that it is also has become a good source of income.But you are very dependent on the weather. We have over 150 bikes from large to small, from bicycle to bicycletrailers. The "bakfiets" and the tandum for childs are very popular! At the bikerental, you can never tell how busy it will be, it is sometimes quite chaotic. You have to be able to do this. Our children sometimes say: "Hang a sign on the door soo people now we are eating". But that's just not possible, most bikes are rented during that time. De Hoge Veluwe, our neighbor, has offcourse the famous white bicycles. But people also prefer to have better bikes, and then here they are offcourse at the right place.


There was much demand for Bed & Breakfast on our farm. Historically, it was what was always around, but we had not initially continued this. But we also picked this up! "Het Bakhuus", next to the farm was converted into a room for two people. This was quite a challenge! But it runs very well and we enjoy running this service. The contact is different from that of those using the group accommodation, the contact is much more personal. Since 2004 we have three rooms. After the outbreak of bird flu, all our chickens, pheasants and peacocks needed to be cleared from the farm, we decided to not restore these large numbers. We now only have a small place with 300 free range chickens. The space that became available, was now used for the bike rental. Where the bikes were first, the two new rooms have been made for the Bed & Breakfast.

In the summer of 2006 we built a new shed for the young cows, the old one was completely demolished. The new barn has large pens with straw, boxes, for calves up to one day or ten, one bull pen and three sections which can be devided into grids for cattle of different ages. Come have a look!


Tessa en wij


In the winter 2007 / 2008 we also changed our group accommodation. The recreational area also known as "De Deel" has had a complete makeover! New walls, a floor and lots of light through the large doors that were replaced by windows! You now look up unto the woods! There is also a toilet on the part, which is very practical. A major renovation was made possible by "LTO Noord" and the province of Gelderland.

Soo we created much variety in our work, and it is very enjoyable. The other side is that you need to now a lot about any side branches and farming to keep track and to keep up and know about. This gives a lot of administrative work. Since September 2005 we are working with staff from the agricultural company relief service (Bedrijfsverzorging). They help us a few hours a week during low season and in summer (high season) almost every day a few hours. This makes a huge difference, soo there is less pressure for all.

We also have a lot of help from the parents of Peter; grandfather takes care of the calves and the chickens and the eggs. Whereever he can offer a helping hand, he helps. Grandma helps as needed with the cleaning of the group accomodation. Together they also flower and work in the vegetable garden, a big job.

The construction at the barn is now a fact, we have now 19m attached to this barn! A big barn now, where we want to grow slowly. Now there is still a quotum restriction. Our son is also in the company, which is very enjoyable. We are now holding off any more rebuilding plans, but the improvement never stops!

The pressure is always present, but that is all part of this company! The place where we live and the peace that it radiates, makes up for it!

Please join us on De Houtkamp!

Peter and Evelien van Omme